Iceland in Summer: The Ring Road in 7 days

    August 11, 2017

    In this post, I’m going to tell you my exact Iceland Itinerary around the Ring Road, or route 1.

    Every time I tell someone I’m going to Iceland, they ask me if I’m heading there for the Aurora Borealis. There is so much more to Iceland than just that and I believe the best time to visit is in the Summer! Furthermore, it is almost 24/7 daylight so there’s no rush to visit any attractions within the 9 to 6 pm time range. We took the Ring Road which goes all around the island and managed to complete it in 7 days!

    To be honest it was tight. I will recommend 8 to 10 days so you can enjoy the sights and towns a little longer. If you’re only able to afford a week and would like to see as much of Iceland as possible, this is probably the best way. Read on to get exact details!

    The Ring Road – Route 1

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