Get Double Eyelids in 30 Minutes

June 7, 2016

I’m going to share with you on how I transformed my single uneven eyelids to double eyelids in 30 minutes and without going under the knife.

I know most of you think this is a scam. No it is not! Of course there is some commitment to be made here, and its not as easy as using double eyelid stickers. I’m going to talk about my Double Suture and Twist (DST) eyelid stitching experience with Me Clinic in KL.

Before DST Eyelid Stitching 

before double eyelid stitching with uneven lids


Here are my eyes without any makeup in the morning. You can see that I have uneven eyelids, single on one and double on the other.

I always had to draw more eyeliner on the smaller eye and when I close my lids, this became very obvious. And confession time, I always had to use an app to enlarge the smaller eye when I take selfies.:/

Double-Suture and Twist Technique with Me Clinic

I’ve done my research and there are 2 types of aesthetic methods to fix my un-even eyelid situation. One is to go through the knife/surgery to cut out pieces of flesh from my eye (eww) or I could do eye-lid stitching.

I met up with Dr. David and he explained that the stitching method has been around way longer than the cutting method and according to him is “simple, durable, and virtually scar free.” How can i resist such an easy procedure?!

Consultation with Me Clinic for double eyelid stitching

The DST method was discovered by Dr Katsuhiro Kure and Dr Akihiro Minami because the traditional suture/ stitching method couldn’t last. The DST method uses only two sutures on each upper eyelid, the ties and the central twists result in more secure and longer-lasting results.

Hence this new DST method is more durable and studies have proven that DST can last up to 10 years as compared to the traditional stitching method which lasts only 1 to 2 years. So do your research even if you have decided to go with double eyelid stitching because the method matters too.

Here’s the reason why I decided to go with Dr. David at Me Clinic:

  • I prefer the DST method.
  • Dr David trained directly with Dr Akihiro Minami.
  • I didn’t have to go under the knife, its not a surgery.
  • Procedure finishes in 30 minutes, swelling subsides in 3 to 4 days.
  • Scar-free (in 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Most of all, the clinic is clean and hygienic, the nurses and staff are professional and Dr. David gave clear explanations on the procedure and told me what to expect every step of the way.

me clinic front


The Procedure

  1. Prep

Prepping for double eyelid stitching procedure


A nurse will make sure your face is cleansed, makeup free and disinfected before the doctor starts. Everything is very sterile and the room is super comfy with music playing in the background, probably to make me feel less stressed out about the whole situation.

2. Doctor will start drawing the path to which he would stitch on the eye.

3. Anaesthetic

Okay so this I have to admit is the painful part. The doctor would give you some eye drops to make your eye less sensitive to pain. He would then proceed to give you anaesthetic injections on the top of the eye and also under the lids (gasp).

In comparison with anaesthetic injections I receive before a tooth filling or extraction, this is seemingly less painful. It was just for a couple of seconds each and then everything else was pain free.

4. The stitching begins!

5. 30 Minutes later, you are DONE.

6. 5 minutes of applying cold-compress on each eye to reduce the swelling.

7. Doctor will prescribe Antibiotics and also antiseptic cream for application. I was given painkillers but didn’t use them at all during my recovery.

Recovery Process

Day 1:

just after double eyelid stitching with eyes open and closed

This is me just 10 minutes after the procedure. I simply looked like I cried a whole bunch but that’s it! No bruising or bleeding at all! I’m super impressed at this point but also impatient for the full recovery so I can see what I actually would look like.

I put on my glasses and proceed with my day as usual. My eyes felt heavy and tired but no pain when I blink. Of course, I had to refrain from touching the stitched area as I felt bruised.

Day 4:

4th day after i did double eyelid stitching with eyes closed 4th day after i did double eyelid stitching with eyes open

The first day after the procedure I felt that I looked somewhat ‘normal’. Swelling has subsided almost completely. Here I started to put on my contact lenses and mascara. I can haz EVEN DOUBLE EYELIDS!

7th Day:

my double eyelids after it is done
This is a week after I’ve done by DST double-eye lid stitching procedure and the bruise is just a faint brown line. I still refrain from applying any concealer on it so that it heals well. It doesn’t hurt when I press on it but I prefer to be safe than sorry.

Now that I have even double eyelids, I don’t have to put any eye-liner when I go out anymore. I simply wing it at the ends and apply mascara. Everything is so much easier now. I also look more awake!


Each individual will vary but it will cost you about RM 4,000 to RM 5,000. If you’re coming from Singapore, like me, it’s 1 SGD = 3 MYR now so what are you waiting for?! Plus flights and lodging, it will probably add up to about S$1500. For something that lasts about 10 years, thats only $150/year!

Clinic Deets

LG-18 LG Floor,
Berjaya Times Square, KL.
Tel: 03-21433866
Whatsapp: 018-2228122

Instagram: @meclinictimessquare


The Research I did


Update: 3 months after I have done my DST Double-eyelid stitching with MeClinic and I experience zero complications. The wounds have healed up nicely. 3 small dots are still visible under my skin where the stitches are but it is barely noticeable.

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