Wearing the Kimono in Kyoto Japan

June 10, 2016

The highlight of my year so far is definitely wearing the Kimono in Kyoto Japan. So get this, you can rent a Kimono for a day and explore Kyoto in it, take the trains or even eat at restaurants. When me Marie and Charmaine decided to do this, I was slightly apprehensive about how others would view us. Turns out, it’s pretty normal to be walking down the streets in Kimonos. Other than the odd tourist that wanted a picture with the 3 of us, nobody really gave us any stares or weird glances.

If you’re looking to visit Kyoto, why not immerse yourself fully into the Japanese culture and put on a Kimono. I assure you that it’ll be a fun and rewarding experience that’ll give you many beautiful memories to keep or talk about when you are back.

Where i Rented my Kimono

So I got my Kimono rentals from Kimono 41. The nearest train station is Shijo Station and it is located in a tiny building beside Takashimaya. I would advise getting there early so you get to choose from a plethora of beautiful fabrics and not having to squeeze with other tourists. We arrived at about 9.30am but if you can make it earlier, you will be able to visit some tourist spots in your Kimonos without the crowd.

Here’s a brochure I got from the shop with the prices. It’s super affordable compared to other places I’ve researched on and you can wear the Kimono and have it returned before 7.30pm.

I paid about S$60 for Plan B which included: Kimono, bag, shoes, hair done and an extra flower accessory.

Kimono Rental Leaflet

It’s actually very warm being in a Kimono because of the many layers they wrap you in. The whole dressing procedure could take up to 30 minutes! Maybe you try this during Spring or Autumn so you don’t feel too hot or cold in it.

Here’s my final look!






We went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine thereafter, the famous shrine where a scene from Memories of a Geisha was shot. There were throngs of tourists there when we arrived at about 1pm. Note to self: go there in the morning! It was very difficult to get a good shot but we managed to squeeze a few in.


On the way to the shrine there is this cat cafe just along the road. Of course, this crazy cat lady in me just had to pay this place a visit.



Feel free to ask me anything about my Kimono experience in Kyoto! Comment below!

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