Domohorn Wrinkle: Review

December 27, 2016

So I got contacted by Domohorn Wrinkle, from Japan, to try out their new range a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I’m trying to cut down on testing new beauty products because my skin in getting more sensitive and breaking out. I went on the Domohorn Wrinkle’s site and checked out their ingredient list and I’m very impressed! Having no fragrance in that list is my number one key criteria in any skin care item because well, WHY DO YOU NEED TO PUT PERFUME IN MY CREAM ANYWAY?! It’s beyond me when brands do that.

Ok so after having my zero moment of truth (i.e. research), I decided to take on this challenge. Well, age is creeping up on me and I’ve been looking for an anti-aging range to supplement my current regime. With the name Domohorn WRINKLE. Come on, it’s definitely shouting out to me “try try try try”. Plus coming from Japan, I know my skin is going to be soaked in quality lotions and potions.

Currently Domohorn Wrinkle does not have a physical presence or store in Singapore. Their production on limits up to 30 bottles a day! You can imagine how much effort and time goes into every one. Read more to find out how you can get your hands on them!

Domohorn Wrinkle

Known to be wrinkle and spot specialists for more than 40 years, Domohorn Wrinkle believe in giving women “power” to their skin. They use the wisdom of chinese medicine to source and include ingredients that would benefit the skin. All Domohorn Wrinkle’s products work together to reawaken your skin’s original ability to heal itself giving you the eventual flawless complexion you so desire.

Their name is definitely interesting and you should know that:

‘Domo’ (meaning restraining in latin) + horn (dead skin cells in German) + Wrinkle (their speciality) = Domohorn Wrinkle. Tada!

They sent me a total of 7 products/steps but there is a total of 8 in their regime. There is one product called the Relieving Foam Mask but they can’t ship it as it is illegal to ship anything containing the foam-producing liquefied gas. If you are in Japan, you can get to try this!

My Initial Thoughts

Despite only using the product for about a week, I dare say it is really awesome. I’ve some key favourites which I will review but every step makes me feel so luxurious when applied. Despite having no fragrance, everything smelled really pleasant.

What I love:

  • It doesn’t give me any redness, gentle to skin.
  • Skin is deeply hydrated after use.
  • High quality pretty packaging

My Top 3 Products So Far

This no scrub gel makeup remover turns into an oil when in contact with the skin. As an oil, it penetrates deeper and better to bind with any makeup that could be lodged in your pores (insert ah-ha moment). This removes the problem of remaining makeup residue and any dead skin build up which contributes to those pesky acne/pimples.

This makeup remover contains Gromwell Root Essence, keeping skin healthy. Also Coix Seed Essence, which keeps skin lustrous while it works to remove your makeup.

Premium natural plant oils, specifically sea-lavender oil and shea butter helps reduces glycation and gently carry away stubborn dirt and gunk off your face.

This product removes even my Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner which doesn’t budge or smudge in humid Singapore and you may want to try it.


I applied the makeup remover on the top part of the liner and you can see it doesn’t take a lot to remove it. It’s super gentle and best thing is, it turns into oil when applied. I am using the Garnier wipes now and to be honest, it works well but wipes are just very harsh for my skin. I’m glad to switch to this now.


You can see here turning into a oil.


This is my hand AFTER i have washed the makeup remover off. AMAZING oh my goodness! My hand actually look less dry (you can see from the top that my hands are filled with dry lines and the picture above is significantly less. Imagine this on your face. BOOM… Wrinkle specialists do know their stuff.

With the sun blazing down on us in hot hot asia, we always need a good whitening product to keep unsightly pigmentation and spots at bay.

The Vital White Essence contains Codonopsis and Shochu Lees Extract which prevents the appearance of spots by restraining excessive melanin production and revives dull-looking skin.

It also has Saxifrage Extract which help slow down collagen loss and restores skin to its wrinkle-less and spot free past (i.e. LOOK LIKE YOU ARE 15! :D)

I love that this essence is not sticky with a watery texture which is easily absorbed into my skin, keeping it supple as it works its whitening magic. You can see from the photos below how light this essence is.



A little bit of this goes a long way. It is also slightly tinted which is a plus for me.

This UV Dress cream not only shields you from harmful UV rays (SPF 50+/PA++++) but also minimizes day time skin damage by promoting the skin’s ability to repair itself. There’s Orchid extract and Hyaluronic Acid as a moisturizing component.




If you are afraid that it won’t match your skin tone, don’t worry it blends it pretty well! You can see from the last image when I’ve worked the cream into my hand and it fits my skintone just fine, plus i am on the dark side so if you’re fairer that me, it definitely will work.

Above are my top 3 faves but to be honest, I need to try it for a few more weeks to really see the results of having all 7 steps combined into my skin, wrinkle wise at least. They definitely pump more moisture into my drying skin and fill up those fine lines at first application. I’m excited to see what these 7 superpowers can do in a month or 2.

How to Purchase + Giveaway

As you know, Domohorn Wrinkle doesn’t have a physical presence in Singapore but you can purchase these items online easily! I’m glad that this skincare brand is completely embracing e-commerce because traveling to get a certain country just to get more cream is just so tedious!

Domohorn wrinkle is now offering a special giveaway for their launch into Singapore. First 7 customers to purchase from this link will enjoy one of the 7 steps for FREE (decided by the brand, i suppose they will send you a product that compliments the one you purchased).

Shop here now! It’s a wonderful offer so do it quick!

If you’ve tried it before, leave a comment below and let us know your experience. Till next time.

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