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My House Tour and Decor Tips

March 16, 2017

I can’t wait to show you this house tour and also share some where I got my home decor from. Okay I’ll admit, this post is long long overdue but at least it is now finally done! I will include below the places where we shopped for our furniture, details of the company who did our interior design + a review of their services will all be listed down below. I hope this would give you some inspiration for your room/home or future home to be.

Our house was built in the colonial times about 30 years ago. It used to be a red brink house but we’ve decided to plaster it white keep it monochrome.

The Living Room

We stuck to a black, white and red theme for this space. Kept the original brick wall and added airy see-through cream curtains to add softness to the space.

This is a custom-made bookshelf by our ID’s own carpenters to match the home’s aesthetics. We got our marble coffee table here from Dream.


We went with an open concept kitchen with transparent doors and windows so the natural light comes through. The industrial swivel bar stools are from Woody Antique House at Dempsey Hill. There are plenty of wooden furniture stores around that area and we love that it just adds a slight edge to all the sleek design.

Woody Antique House also repurposes many vintage pieces and give them a new lease of life. Prices are relatively affordable and we got these stool for perhaps $250 each. You can always slightly haggle for a discount if you’re getting more items!

Bedroom + Toilet

I desperately wanted a walk-in wardrobe but we didn’t want to waste an entire room just for our clothes. We hence decided to slightly partitioned the master bedroom with a hovering tv console to separate the wardrobe space from the sleeping area.  This is so much better and space saving than a real walk-in because it give us easy access in the morning or when we’re in a rush. Just perfect. All wardrobes and shelving are custom designed and made.

Outdoor Alfresco

In the beginning when we decided to move in, having an outdoor alfresco area was not what we had planned for. This plot of land was just a muddy space with 2 banana trees and we just didn’t want to waste it. We installed a new roof, fixed in some chengal wood decking and we’ve ourselves a very cosy, resort-vibe space perfect for lounging and mingling.

Outdoor sofa is again from Woody Antique House and the rattan chairs are from Galanga Living. Some of our vases and decor items are from Commune.

Interior Design + Renovation Works

We’ve engaged the help of SYRB and they are 100% in charge of the interior design and renovation of our house. The interior space took only 3 months to finish and we moved in before the outdoor area was complete.

Mr Ang, the owner of SYRB, is very dedicated to giving his customers the best quality and value for his work. They’ve helped Steve with other renovation projects for more than 10 year now and we completely trust them. It’s so difficult to find reliable help and to work with people who are reasonable and realistic about the project. If you’re looking for someone to help with your new home, do consider them. This post is completely not sponsored in any way. 🙂 Nice people + good work = Less stress + happy home!

Hope you like my new house. Till next time guys!



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  • edman_zy April 11, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Nice post – I really like how you instagram and write about the house, the trips and the bag, like they are yours.